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How to have Satellite TV for your RV

How do I get Satellite TV in my RV? 

Many people have this question. How do I take my Directv or Dish Network with me when I tailgate or RV?

Well the first question is: Do you already have Satellite TV in your home?

If you do not have Satellite TV service in your home, then you have a few option:

First we'd like to say: InstallerOasis.com is Dish Network and Directv Authorized Retailer. We can help you through this whole process and set you up with the right products to best suit your needs. Just give us a call: 317-375-1097. We can set up your account and even give you help over the phone on how to setup your Satellite Dish. We even offer discounts on our kits when you choose to sign up with us!

Now back to article.

Whether you're partial to Dish Network or Directv, the cheapest bottom dollar option is to set up Satellite TV service in your home and then take one of the receivers that was set up in your home with you when you travel. Almost 40 million people have Satellite TV in the US. When you sign of for a 2 year agreement, you secure promotional rates that you don't get if you just have a month to month service.

Cable TV runs ads on there stations that try to scare their customers into sticking with them. They exaggerate claims so that you are leery of switching to satellite TV and that's keeps you overpaying for TV with them each month.

So the best option is switch right over to Satellite TV completely but if you don't want to do that, you do still have great options.

Dish Network has a month-to-month prepay plan called " flex TV". This is the best option for someone who has cable and wants to keep it but also wants satellite TV for a couple months a year. There is not activation fee. You just pay for the months you need and when you're done, the equipment will just deactivate until you're ready to start it up again. 

You'll need to buy the receiver and satellite dish upfront. 

With Directv, there is only one option: a 2 year agreement. If you live in your RV, this is great since you'll use it all the time. Or if you want Directv in your home, this is also a good solution. If you only service for 4 months a year, then you you'll be paying months that you're not using.

With the 2 year Directv agreement, you don't need to buy the receiver and we, InstallerOasis gives a $100 off the Satellite Dish RV kit.

Also, with a 2 year Dish Network agreement, you don't need to buy the receiver and we, InstallerOasis gives a $100 off the Satellite Dish RV kit.

Once you have the service, you'll need to decide what RV dish you need. We cover this below.

If you already have Dish or Directv, then you can just take your satellite receiver from a spare room in your home and use it when you travel.

If you don't have a receiver to spare, then you'll need to get another one. You can either buy one from us in our webstore:

Dish Network Receiver: installeroasis.com/dish-network-receivers/

Directv Receivers: installeroasis.com/directv-receivers/

Or you can try to contact your provider and see if they will sell you another receiver. The drawback from buying directly from DISH or Directv is that they sometimes will try to force you to have a technician come to you home to install it, and that's not free.


If you're already a current Dish subscriber, here are your options. 

Do you want HD when you travel? 

If yes: then you'll need this kit: 


The Dish Network 1000.2 Turbo HDTV RV Satellite Tripod Kit will get your all your HD network channels and usually your locals within a 200 mile radius of where you live.

If you don't want to bother with pointing a satellite dish, Dish Network has an awesome product out called the Tailgater, you need a 211K model receiver to work with it but it's a nice solution for making things easy.

We sell the tailgater with and without the 211k:


If no: If don't have HD and don't care about having it anytime soon, then you'll be just fine with a Dish Network 500 satellite RV Tripod Kit:


Both the HD and Dish 500 Tripod kits are compatible with most all Dish Network receivers. You need the 1000.2 for HD and the 500 will only get standard definition. 


If you're already a current Directv subscriber, here are your options.

If yes: Do you want HD when you travel?

Then there are 2 kits available. Depending on your receiver model will determine what kit you need.

If you have a H25 or HR34 model receiver (you can find the model on the bottom or back of the receiver), then you can only use what is called "SWiM" equipment with these models. you will need this kit:


This kit willl get HD and can operate 1 receiver. If you need to connect more receivers to it, it can accommodate up to 8, you'll just need a splitter:www.installeroasis.com/swim-equipment/

The SWiM dish is also compatible with all other receivers that are HD, the advantage to SWiM is that:

  1. It's the new Directv Technology
  2. SWiM can operate Dual tuner DVR will just one line
The Disadvantages:
  1. You cannot use a simple meter to point the Dish
  2. Equipment is more expensive
So, if you're:
  1. looking to save some money 
  2. don't have have H25 or HR-34 receiver
  3. want to use a simple satellite finder to help point the dish
  4. don't need to use both tuners in your HD DVR when you travel
  5. Still want HD
Then this is your kit:
Keep in mind that with either HD dish from Directv they are somewhat harder to point than the simple older dishes.


Okay, no HD when you travel. Then you have 2 more options. 

The DIRECTV Triple LNBF Satellite Dish Tripod Kit for RV Tailgating:


Will work to receive locals in standard definition for any market. Please keep in mind that Directv only gives you the locals channels for where your home is located. Locals are encrypted just like HBO so you can't just receiver locals without Directv giving your account access to them.

On that product page, you will see a list of local channel markets, if your local channel market is not on that list, then you'll just need the "Directv Satellite Dish Tripod Kit for RV Tailgating":